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  Oil Painting Sceneries 
            As an oil painter at heart I paint in the style of realism and a defined tightness to locations. Its usually the small details that bring the location to life. Important aspects I have learned over my career as an artist that define my style and push me to learn and show in every stroke of my paintings. Below are some of my most rescent oil paintings that have enabled me to pursue the locations that have raised me and continue to help me grow as an artist. Half of my paintings are favorite locations of wonderful collectors that I am happy to call friends as they play a vital role in assistingin shaping me as an artist and a person. If you are interested in a commission or a piece you see below please visit my contact page. ENJOY!!!
"Warm Island Winter"
"Heavens Harbor"
"Cape Romano Kings"
"One Last Cast"
"QUEEN of the GULF"
"Junkyard Gypsy"
"Sunrise Redfish" 1/3 series
"Afternoon snook" 2/3 series
"Sunset Tarpon" 3/3 series
"The Jolly Bridge"
"The Bubble House"
"Tigertail's Shadow"
"One Last Wave"
"Life Behind the Barrel"
"Somewhere in the OBX"
"On The Fence"
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