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3 PRINTS( sunrise red, afternoon snook, and sunset tarpon)

  • ORIGINAL SIZE 12" X 12"

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$750.00 Regular Price
$700.00Sale Price
  • Backwater Bullies series is about having that perfect day on the water fishing the 10,000 islands.  I wanted to bring more life and vibrance  into these fish as they are such magnificent creatures. "Sunrise red" is to portray a redfish caught on an osyster bed at first light. "Afternoon Snook" was created for a midday feel Located off a Mangrove island point as the current flows under docks or sight casting. And hearing that hallow pop as the water falls out from underneath your bait and the buzzing sound of your drag winding out."Sunset Tarpon" was created with a sunset dusk atmosphere located in a shallow Bay. Sighting that lurking motionless shadow and casting a blue crab or fly past its sights. Once the electrifying tarpon connects the adrenaline ride begins . A full Breech of salty acrobatics and fighting to keep the line taught by one of the 10,000 islands most notorious sport fish can be the happy ending to anyones day of fishing these amazing "Backwater Bullies" I hope these inspire you to get out there and fish our amazing backwaters and enjoy these prints as much as your catch.

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