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 Framed Limited Edition Prints  of 75 

  •  Giclee Canvas Print  
  •      Size 12"x 12"
  • Black Floater Fame 1" 


SKU: 123
  • The Dome Homes are Located off of Cape Romano just south of Marco Island. They used to be up on the beach but the numerous storms have chased the sands from under her and walked it strait out to sea. These homes have always played a role in my life since the day I was young enough to get in a boat. Recently the county has announced they will be removing the homes to a new site and turning it into a "Paradise reef" off shore underwater. I Believe they should stay and so I did a dedication painting to the kings of cape romano. Two large tarpon stolling the area that play a vital role in the ecosytem and ours as a local fishing area ,and a Boaters hot spot among visitors and locals. I hope you enjoy this limited edition print as much as I personally do every time I see them.

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